There is no denial anymore, street art made it to the established art scene. And for good reasons. It started with a mentality shift by artists saying: “I’m not waiting for a gallery or curator to spot me. I’m going to make work to share with the world.” And then doing so with a non-commercial approach. It gives me a ‘power to the people’-feeling. The world is their canvas, with silent encounters as fuel. People from all ages and origins are able to relate with street art.

Street art


“How can you not walk up
a flight of piano-stairs without humming?”



How can you not walk up a flight of piano-stairs without humming? How beautiful is it to let part of a tree disappear as an artful visual joke? It gives us hope. No matter how the world will look on the future, mankind will always try to make it a meaningful, funny or hopeful place.

“It give us hope.”







Street art in Galleries

Some of these street artists surface into the art galleries. It stimulates their colleagues others to push themselves even more. We have just returned from a thrilling Miami where we drenched ourselves in Art Miami and Art Basel. Setting out to discover what was new in our sector. Maya Hayuk totally blew us away. The feminine street artist got to show her skills on the Wynwood Walls during Art Miami, where Shepard Fairey used to work the walls. Her stripe-like work is so full of color and happiness it almost hurts.

colorful streetart


Maya Hayuk


We can only agree with Michelle Obama as great fans of Hayuk. That’s why we offer some great works of her in our collection.

Streetart Maya Hayuk