We buy Banksy prints and more

If you have any Banksy Artwork in your possesion and you wish to sell it or want to know the value of it, just contact us. We buy and sell all kind of Banksy art.



Banksy as an investment

Art can be a great investment, Banksy prints, signed and unsigned, are very popular. As UKs best-know street artist, Banksys popularity has been steadily increasing over the last few years, as he steadily created more and more artworks in the urban environment and his prints are considered the best art to invest in. In the last few years his fame has been spreading outside the UK as well. Consequently, investing in Banksys artworks has become one of the most exciting new alternative investments.

Buy prints that you like

You don’t need deep pockets to discover the next Banksy. We would expect to pay between € 300 and € 5,000 for work by the best graduates. The most important thing is to buy what you like. There are no guarantees that an artist will become an overnight star but at least you will end up with something you love on your walls.

Banksy Biography

Satire, a critical note on society, political comments and a dark sense of humour are the key ingredients in the works of Banksy. The British street-artist has been using this pseudonym since the early nineties and has always been able to successfully hide is real identity for both the admirers and the critics of his work. Apart from praise, his work does get a lot of criticism and some of his murals in public areas have been regarded as vandalism and painted over.

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