Whether you are looking to buy or sell fine art, LionelGallery may be of service. Our knowledgeable staff guides both buyers and sellers through a few simple steps to ensure your ownership of a desired object or a successful sale.

Selling your art

LionelGallery purchases individual pieces or entire collections as well as accepts pieces on consignment. We only accept work of known artists which are displayed in our gallery.

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Why LionelGallery?

We work in full confidentiality and discretion. When selling your art, we usually approach our personal collector network and facilitate a direct sale. LionelGallery has a specilization in Banksy, Appel, Warhol, Hirst, Basquiat, La Grange and Koons. We’re becoming increasingly well known for selling Banksy prints and originals and have a large network of interested clients. We can list your artwork on our website, feature on our homepage and include it in a newsletter reaching our subscribers.

Sell us your Banksy prints!

We have collectors waiting for rare, sought-after and iconic signed and unsigned prints and original canvases by Banksy. Do you have a signed Girl with the Balloon, stamped Napalm or Love Rat you’re interested in selling? Please get in touch with us!