Yago Hortal

Yago Hortal creates an amazing kind of color combination. The best way to describe his work would be elegant and colorful. To be more precise: his work falls under the abstraction art form, which means that no specific shapes, images or messages are reflected in his art. In contrast, you will find a wonderful composition of a diverse range of colors, both bright and soft. Hortal was born in Barcelona and was possibly inspired to create his collection by the brilliantly colored skies during sunset.

Yago artworks

Fluor colors dominate when it comes to Hortal’s work. Dark and light alternate each other in a natural and balanced way, where contrast is a recurring theme. Tight ‘lines’ and surfaces are additionally also alternated with stripes, as if they were put there off the cuff. These so called “brush strokes” can be found in almost every piece, creating a playful and lush atmosphere. The work of Hortal is a bit like a beautiful sun set, the air shows itself in all colors of the rainbow – and just a bit more. Do you have a work of Hortal clad on your wall, you would almost think that someone had been creative with paint cans. His work looks like organized chaos, and is not too provocative but appeals to the imagination. You can look at it for hours without getting bored, according to his fans. Art that not  reveals the underlying idea immediately, but will instantly cheer you up.

Yago work in our art gallery

Work of Yago Hortal comes in many shapes and sizes. Because Hortal likes to work with many different colors, shades and combinations, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite “color palette”. Bold colors, a white background, something quiet or just a delicious tangle of fluorescent shades: Yago Hortal, if you’re a fan of playful and abstract, undoubtedly holds something that appeals to you. His works are on display at various exhibitions and several art galleries, but also virtually with us. Feel free to contact us for a price quote. As great lovers of beautiful art we would love to help you find the perfect piece for you.