Salvador Dalí i Domènech

Salvador Dalí i Domènech, born in 1904, was an eccentric artist who is famous to this day for his work. He was born in the Catalonian Figueres, where he was interested in art at an early age and was inspired by impressionism and cubism. These styles characterize the early work of the Spaniard, who exhibited his pieces for the first time when he was only 14 years old. Dalí studied at the Art Academy of Madrid, and not long after made his first trip to Paris. There he became acquainted with fellow artists such as Pablo Picasso, André Breton and Luis Buñuel. The latter introduced Dalí to the world of surrealism, the movement in which the artist rose to fame.


Dalí was a versatile artist. Apart from more than 1500 paintings, the Spaniard created many different art works, including drawings, lithographs, decors, jewelry, sculptures and films. More than ten years of his career, Dalí was part of the surrealist art movement. Within surrealism he disconnected himself from reason and reality and he based his creations on dreams, fears and fantasies. Some of Dali’s most famous work dates from this period, such as the painting “The Persistence of Memory’, showing a dreamy landscape with clocks that seem to be melting. The work “The Temptation of Saint Anthony” has become well known and shows a procession of horses and elephants with long thin legs.

Timelessly interesting

These well-known works are located respectively in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the Museum of Modern Art in Brussels. Other works of the master can be found in several museums in the United States, the Salvador Dali Museum in Florida being the largest. Many of his works can be found in his native Spain. In the Netherlands, several items of his collection are owned by the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam. A quarter of a century after his death, Salvador Dalí’s art is still very popular all over the world. The work is timeless and remains interesting. The variety of topics makes the work of Dalí attractive to a large audience and therefore very suitable for display at home or in the office. Does the art of Dalí interest you? Please feel free to contact us for an informal price request.