Lorenzo Quinn

As the son of actor Anthony Quinn, the future of Lorenzo Quinn was already more or less fixed. After a brief acting career in a handful of films, he decided to focus full-time on his artistry. An important turning point was the role of Salvador Dalí that he played in the Dalí movie. However, unlike the famous artist, Quinn does not focus on the creation of surrealistic paintings, but on creating figurative and modernistic sculptures. His motivation and the underlying idea is to spread a message of tolerance, understanding and unity, which should ultimately lead to a better world.

From painting to sculpting

Lorenzo Quinn (1966) discovered his love for art early on and created his first piece around 1982, after which he followed training at the Academy of Visual Arts in New York. Initially, he was attracted to painting, especially the surrealism of Dalí. However, late 80s, he changed his discipline and he chose a future in sculpture, because Quinn had experienced that he could make better use of his energy and originality in sculpting. Initially Quinn used the traditional sculpting materials and techniques, but over time, bronze, plastic, aluminum, copper and stainless steel entered into his work.

Destruction is Quinn’s strength

His sculptures are influenced by the work of famous sculptors of the past, including Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin. The importance of his art is widely recognized. He has already exhibited his sculptures in many prominent museums around the world, including Italy, Russia, India, Greece, Spain, Saudi Arabia, England and North America. Known works of Quinn are Tree of Life, This Is Not A Game, Gravity, Give and Take III and Hand of God. With his creative and destructive force the hand is a recurring theme in Quinn’s oeuvre, which is now also part of numerous private collections.

Quinn gallery

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