Joan Miró

Born in Barcelona, ​​famous all over the world: Joan Miro, the Spanish painter who shared one masterpiece after another with the world. Besides being a painter, Joan Miro was also a graphic artist and ceramist, and if he still had time left, he would be wrapped up in sculpting. Joan Miro was and is still seen as one of the world’s greatest surrealists. Joan Miro combined reality and imagination into a wide range of compositions. Animals, people, a house or a tree; everything could be found – and recognize – in his work, but with a surreal overtone. This produces strange and funny, but also beautiful scenes, admired by many fans.

Versatile artworks

Joan Miro was not only fond of surreal shapes and images, but also loved striking colors and distinct lines. Black is also a ‘color’ that is frequently found in his work, often used in thick stripes, dots and circles. Besides clear stripes and lines, female curves, body parts and silhouettes can also be found in his work. The one time with a strong focus on a specific object; the other time being a large, cozy collection of the most diverse creatures and designs. That makes Joan Miro such a versatile painter, which is why he is, to this day, a very revered artist.

Miro gallery

Joan Miro did not always work alone. He was a close friend of Picasso and in 1926 he collaborated with surrealist Max Ernst. This time not working on canvas, but working with his creativity in the form of designing sets and costumes for the ballet called ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Miro is grand. Just like his collection – which includes works that are still often chosen to go on display in art halls and private collections to date. Joan Miro’s work speaks to the imagination. According to Miro, they symbolize both sorrow and joy. This is probably why many people feel familiar with his work and gather to admire it. Including in the museum created especially for him in Spain: the Fundació Joan Miró.

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