Jeff Koons

The art of Jeff Koons’s is idiosyncratically quirky, and then at the most beautiful level. Fans of Koons’ work would describe it as symbols of banality and seduction, postmodern and kitsch. A bit ‘special’.

Jeff Koons is famous for his inflatable rabbits, his bronze casts of life jackets, naked ladies and expressions that can be called slightly bizarre in some cases. Jeff Koons is a visual artist from America, and has some impressive work to his name. Big, bigger, biggest seems to dominate – but this is not always the case. Also smaller sculptures and frames are his strength. However, most people know Jeff Koons because of his giant puppies, pornographic images and inflatable rabbits.

Unlimited creativity

The work of Jeff Koons will not be overlooked. When you see his work you will probably not be able to take your eyes off it. Jeff Koons’ work does not appeal to the imagination: it ís the imagination, and often even uncensored. Koons goes for raw and pure, as you will notice immediately. His style can be attributed to ‘postmodernism’, which claims to cross boundaries and break taboos. This is no exaggeration. Jeff Koons not only works from a creative angle, but also a scientific. He spent several years working with a team of scientists to develop a technique for one of his pieces. The desired effect – basketballs floating motionless in an aquarium – proved again his versatility and unlimited creativity. With a little added science.

Koons’ Popularity

Works by Jeff Koons will not be found in everyone’s’ living room. Koons is eccentric and in some cases even bold or daring. Please note that quite to the contrary, Koons’ work can also be very modest and clean. True fans will not be able to get enough of the bizarre and impressive masterpieces that Koons repeatedly manages to achieve. Already collaborating with stars such as Lady Gaga, Koons’ work seems to realize an increasing popularity. The works are not only exhibited in art centers and galleries, but are also available online. In our possession you will find a collection that you can examine in detail at your convenience, before making a choice for your living room. Please feel free to contact us for any price enquiries.