Miller: Word and image

Harland Miller (Yorkshire, UK, 1964) graduated in fine arts at the Chelsea College of Art & Design and then moved to New York, where he worked and lived for a few years. In 1992 he went back to Europe: first to Berlin (where he started writing), then to Paris and finally back to his homeland England (where he still works as an artist and author nowadays). In his paintings, sculptures, drawings and mixed-media works Harland Miller explores the relationship between word and image. He is examining how we use these to convey and interpret messages. By mixing text and images he adapts a critical attitude towards the common gaps between image and reality.

Literary motives

Harland Miller is most commonly known for his paintings of fictitious Penguin covers. He rendered this iconic series with his own titles, in which he presents a humorous, sardonic, sometimes melancholic turn on classic literary designs. Also, the authorship itself is often a subject Millers art. This can be seen in the series in which he spattered an old typewriter with paint and gave these creations titles like ‘Writing is easy-all you do is feed in a sheet op white A4 paper and stare at it till your forehead bleeds.’

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