Faleschetti’s professional development

Fidia Faleschetti was born in 1977 in the Spanish town of Loreto, where he still lives and works today. Being part of a very creative family he came into contact with art from an early age and from the age of sixteen Faleschetti created illustrations and murals for several renowned companies. Street-art and subcultures like the hiphop scene were his inspiration. In 2002 Fidia Falaschetti graduated as a product designer at the Accademia di Belle Art in Florence although he had already worked as a successful graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for major international brands since 1995.

From advertising to art

In 2007 Fidia Faleschetti decided to say goodbye to the advertising world and focus entirely on art. Modern media and capitalistic values are his main themes. He manages to criticize the negative effect of our present-day communication and capitalism in a creative and always a humorous way, in which he encourages us to think about the (often determining) role it plays in our lives. Fidia Faleschetti’s installations, illustrations and images were on display in various museums and galleries in the US, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Great Brittain, France, Switserland and Italy. He won numerous international prices and his work has been reviewed in a wide range of magazines and newspapers. These days Fleschettis also works as an art & communication teacher, which keeps him up to date about what interests the younger generation.


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Get acquainted with Faleschetti

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