Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst, who was born in Bristol in1965, is a multidisciplinary artist and one of the main representatives of the movement known as the Young British Artists. This group of artists originated in the late 80’s at the Goldsmiths College in London, a training institute for the visual arts. Death is the central theme in the work of Hirst and although he is mainly known for his installation art of dead animals in an aquarium or cabinet with formalin, his work includes other types of conceptual art, sculptures and paintings as well. However, art connoisseurs praise Hirst mostly for his controversial art around dead animals.

Recognition for Hirst

Hirst grew up in Leeds and really only excelled at school in sketching. Early 80’s he visited an exhibition of abstract collage art, which had a great influence on him. His career took an important turn in 1990, when he organized a few exhibitions together with other young artists. Art collector Charles Saatchi was overwhelmed by his confrontational installation art A Thousand Years, displaying a rotting cow’s head, and bought it. Not much later he was the principal of one of Hirst’s most famous showcase works, The Physical Impossibility of Death with a dead tiger shark in a formaldehyde solution. In 1995 Hirst won the important Turner Prize.

Hirst Exhibits

Later in the 90s several solo exhibitions followed. His installations were on display in galleries in Italy, South Korea, Austria, Great Britain and the United States. Since then, Hirst has had dozens of solo exhibitions and participated in hundreds of art exhibitions, where his work always yields large revenues. His pills cabinet Lullaby Spring is considered one of the most expensive ever by a living artist when it was sold in 2007 for over 15 million euros. Other well known installation works by Hirst are: For the Love of God (a platinum cast of an eighteenth-century skull studded with diamonds) and Mother and Child, Divided (A cow and calf divided into four showcases with formalin).

Damien Hirst Art Gallery

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