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Banksy, street art

Satire, a critical note on society, political comments and a dark sense of humour are the key ingredients in the works of Banksy. The British street-artist has been using this pseudonym since the early nineties and has always been able to successfully hide is real identity for both the admirers and the critics of his work. Apart from praise, his work does get a lot of criticism and some of his murals in public areas have been regarded as vandalism and painted over.

Banksy’s identity

Due to this controversy surrounding his works, Banksy has never revealed his identity and it looks like he will remain unknown to the public. All we know is that he comes from Bristol in the South of Enland and started out in the early nineties as a graffiti artist. At the beginning of his career Banksy used a mix of traditional graffiti and stencil-art, but in 2000 he mostly started using the latter technique. For stencil-art the desired model is cut out of cardboard or other material beforehand. This way it is very easy to quickly create an artwork in public places.

Prints Signed & Unsigned

Although Banksy mostly operates in his homeland England, his public street-art has been found from North America to Australia. The original artworks and the official replicas that have been produced in limited numbers are being sold at high prices at art sales. Originally Banksy is an artist who mainly wants to spread a political and social message by using basic and appealing murals and designs. Children, policemen, soldiers, rats and apes are recurring figures in his work. These are often portrayed in scenes or slogans that turn against war, fascism, authority, greed and capitalism and all have a nihilistic or anarchistic base. (… are fundamentally nihilistic or anarchistic)

Banksy originals

Banksy also applies his hand on occasion to found objects. A Banksy original, for example, might be a small modification to a British pound note, say, or a sign. And of course, finding a Banksy original signed piece of artwork is always the ideal find. If you want to get to know this internationally-renowned artist in greater detail and find a Banksy original of your own, take a look at our large inventory of options.


In our gallery you will be able to find a steady stream of Banksy prints. When you are interested in street-art or graffiti-art by this remarkable British artist or similar artists, we offer you the possibility for a direct quote. In the recent past it has been proven that buying one of Banksy’s works is an excellent investment for the future.

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